About Kraig Hall-Mascola




The most important consideration when selecting a real estate agent is there a lasting impression. Are they knowledgeable, do they specialize in your local area, are they familiar with the current real estate market and places their clients above all other interests. Despite the plethora of information which exists online, there is no substitute for local knowledge of a dedicated real estate professional. 

As an experienced real estate agent who specializes in condominium and planned community ownership, I am familiar with the expectation sellers and buyer require and the wants and needs from the sale transaction. I stay current on market trends and conditions by reviewing market reports, real estate newsletters and professional websites.  

Whether you’re in the first stages of selling, relisting or purchasing, I am here to assist you. I am here to answer questions, provide advice and ease the anxiety. 

As a listing real estate agent, I provide sellers with neighborhood and marketing statistics, specific pricing recommendation and a comprehensive marketing program. 

As a buyer’s real estate agent, I provide buyers a variety of properties which meet their individual taste, expectation and desire. Buyers are welcome to view as many properties as they wish, receive expert advice, and negotiate their terms and conditions for their next home. 

Finding the right real estate agent is as important as finding the right buyer or the right property. My objection is to help my client reach their goals! If you’re looking to work with someone who understands your values and prioritizes your needs, give me a call today – I look forward speaking with you!

Thank you for visiting and I look forward speaking with you soon!